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Fall 2023 Registration Now Open. M/W & T/TH Options Available


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Welcome to The Legacy Homeschool Alliance!

We are excited you would like to become a member of our program. Our program is for homeschool families who would like to be a part of our community. We offer field trips, events, activities, clubs, and class days on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Meadowlark Community Church (1918 Redwing St, San Marcos, CA 92078). Families can participate in however much of our program they would like. If families would like to enroll in classes, they can enroll in whatever classes they choose, there is no minimum. However, each class is run by a vendor who is their own business and families will need to contact the vendor directly for class questions and payment. Families only pay The Legacy a per semester Membership Fee of $175 per family and $75 for each additional student up to $250 maximum per family per semester. Once your Membership Request is approved, you will receive an email requesting payment. Our membership fee is refundable if you do not end up using our services. If you have additional questions please read through our website and check our FAQ page.


We are very excited to partner with:

Reimagine Homeschooling to offer you a substantial discount for all of their services:

New to homeschooling and want to know what you need to do? Legacy Members get $50 off our How To Homeschool Course. Use code legacy50 at check out. www.reimaginehomeschooling.com/course

Already homeschooling but realize that to be able to pour into your kids, you actually need to be poured into first? Join our Membership Community to get on our coaching calls with expert homeschoolers, be encouraged, and get your homeschool and parenting questions answered. Membership also gives you access to a private online forum and a location based membership directory so you can connect with others in your area. Don't miss out on this incredible resource! Use discount code legacy15 to save 15% off monthly membership for your lifetime. https://www.reimaginehomeschooling.com/membership-page

Need one on one homeschooling support? Schedule a Consultation with one of our experts today and get the individual attention you need. We can assist you with whatever you need help with including creating a homeschool plan that meets the needs of your unique family. Use code legacy100 to get $100 off your session. https://www.reimaginehomeschooling.com/coaching


Please fill out the below information. Make sure you read everything. If you request membership without reading everything, you will still be held accountable for everything you agree to.


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Additional Questions

Payment Instructions

Payment is online only and is required before your membership is approved.


Make sure you choose the correct track for your family registration.  Note that the 2 tracks are for Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday.  Please note that if you wish to attend or register for days in both tracks, you must pay the full price for both tracks.  Example, if you wish to attend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you would choose both track payment options.

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